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The philosophy of WILDUST: Pleasure, audacity and freedom


Free to set off, free to choose, free to chart your course... Freedom: another way of saying EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This is the essential and primary value for Wildust. Do what we like, without barriers or prejudices, act freely. Choose to go on an adventure, decide to have fun, choose to be fulfilled. Wild & Free, yes! Free as the air, like the clouds of wild dust (WILD DUST) emerging behind the wake of the wheels.... 

It is this cherished freedom, which allows everyone  to write their story, get off the highway, off the beaten track... Lose their way, to find themselves better ._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is this spirit of FREEDOM that resonates in all Wildust initiatives: Designing Practical and Functional products, which give freedom... Like a belt-pouch which frees us from the constraints of a bag, or   The right compromise to live the adventure in complete freedom, with practical products but which remain chic and feminine.  


A Benevolent Feminist nod is present on several of the Wildust brand products, because modern feminism is a commitment for women, by women. It is a pro-feminine inspiration, which is very far from being anti-men, quite the contrary ! It means working with benevolence and sisterhood to get women out of the usurper syndrome and the lack of legitimacy anchored deep within themselves. Allowing them to express their deep desires, their ambitions, their dreams... To live the great adventure of being oneself, is to realize oneself and assume to invest traditionally masculine territories, with assumed femininity. JUST DO IT LIKE A GIRL! No need to dress up as a man to be legit... This is where their favorite mantra came from: Ride like a Girl!

Inspirations from daring women, with all their femininity: From the Wise Simone (de Beauvoir, Veille) to the less wise Brigitte (Bardot and Duo Brigitte)... These modern super heroines shout their independence and their ambitions as loud as their femininity . Inspirational.


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