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Feel Good. Do good. Pass it on.

It's a simple mantra that represents everything Trek Light Gear is built on.

Their mission is to spread happiness and change the world.

Simple, isn't it? Turns out it really is.

Happiness doesn't always come in the form of a product you buy, but it certainly can. And their products are designed with the lofty but heartfelt purpose of bringing it to you every time you see them.

Maybe it's the message on a shirt that puts a smile on your face, the warm colors and designs of a blanket that make your room brighter, or the way their products encourage you to slow down, say yes to energy. adventure and create lifelong memories.

Happiness shouldn't be temporary, nor should the products you buy .

After nearly 20 years in business, they know that nothing we've said here matters if we don't work to build long-term customer happiness.


For every item sold, Trek Light Gear  works with Trees For Future to plant a tree in your honor.


Why is this so important? By helping small-scale farmers and villages around the world plant fruit and vegetable trees, shade trees and more, together we go beyond basic environmental change.

Trees For The Future uses a forest garden approach to reforestation - planting trees not only to provide environmental benefits, but also food, income, and community agriculture where it's needed most.

Every purchase creates a chain reaction of good and happiness in the world, and it all starts with you.

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