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Logo marque Tensira

Tensira designs, manufactures and markets high-end household linen and accessories from West Africa.

Tensira fabrics are 100% cotton, spun, woven and dyed by hand in our workshops in the Republic of Guinea.

Tensira was born in 2010 from a meeting between Hamidou Diallo of Guinean origin and Tuulia Makinen Diallo of Finnish origin. Tensira is the expression of ancestral Guinean know-how of weaving and indigo and Nordic design.

“Excluded from globalization, African crafts are in danger of disappearing. It is important to offer a market for this unique know-how which is passed on from generation to generation. "Hamidou Diallo

All our fabrics are reused in a zero waste perspective.

The tailoring and dyeing team is mainly made up of women.

TENSIRA also collaborates with dozens of groups of craftsmen across Guinea for weaving, dyeing natural indigo and collecting and shelling the Kapok fruit.

We offer all our employees excellent working conditions. TENSIRA has established a very precise quality control charter in order to guarantee the best quality of production.

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