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WHAT IS NAI DISHA? Nai Disha Educational and Cultural Society is a non-profit organization based in Delhi, which focuses on community development through education, skills for young people and the empowerment of women. The beneficiaries are children, young people and women from migrant families belonging to the economically weakest level in society. EDUCATION PROGRAM (E) Educate, supervise and empower children to become autonomous. Education is the most powerful weapon to transform marginalized communities. Educational initiatives are open school, art therapy, catch-up program and sustainability. Health Nai Disha is committed to providing high-quality and low-cost health care to those in need. The health program model focuses on both physical and emotional development. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT In addition to education, advanced vocational training prepares disadvantaged children for employment. Nai Disha develops life skills and mentorship. AUTONOMIZATION OF WOMEN

Train to become autonomous and live in dignity. Nai Disha is mainly involved with women from migrant families as part of the women's empowerment program. Early marriage and motherhood, economic dependence, household chores, odd jobs - all this harms their physical and emotional health. These women arrive with zero self-esteem, a history of domestic violence and feelings of helplessness and pain. Nai Disha feeds and empowers these women.

- Swacchta Project In front of the Nai Disha center, a park of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had been transformed into a dump by the local community. This area was fertile ground for flies, mosquitoes and was at high risk of deadly diseases such as malaria or dengue. This was the beginning of Nai Disha's Kishangarh community awareness project. The team shared Swachh Bharat's vision for a cleaner India and began to transform the place. The garbage was removed and an irrigation system was built using grey water. To prevent residents from using space as a dump, Nai Disha installed waste management systems and appointed residents to dispose of waste from garbage cans installed by the team. - Plantations of trees A total of 440 young plants were purchased and distributed to 240 children to plant trees in and around Kishangarh. Children continue to maintain and take care of their plants. - Chhaya Project In some cases, some children are forced to stop studying to earn money due to disastrous circumstances such as the loss of a parent or a sudden financial crisis. Nai Disha intervenes to give them a hand by supporting them with rent, monthly rations, bus costs, tuition fees, uniforms, shoes, bags and other basic needs until their situation is stable. - Ecological brick The elimination of plastic is essential for the environment. The organization raises awareness among children about this and creatively manufactures ecological bricks from plastic bottles and discarded plastic bags. These are then transformed into benches and stools. - Shared public computer

The Madam Stoltz brand is committed to NAI DISHA

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