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phto noir et blanc femme

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 100% NATURAL CARE ROUTINE  handmade in Provence

Ernest Ernest is a French cosmetics brand, 100% natural and 100% vegetable , committed and transparent, like its compositions.
Created by Maurine Pelissier and Arnaud Saint Martin, a couple sharing the same ethical, ecological and sustainable logic and wanting to offer healthy and reasoned alternatives, for consumers concerned about their health and that of the Planet.

They only use the essentials, noble and active raw materials. These cosmetics are 100% natural and are all packaged in glass containers. Each product is made in small quantities, by hand and in France

The brand is demanding on the quality of the ingredients. To make a good care you need a good raw material with organic ingredients and / or sustainably grown and 100% useful and quality ingredients .

ERNEST ERNEST wanted to join the Slow Cosmétique ® movement, which rewards an approach based on a common desire to promote a natural, healthy and reasonable way of consuming cosmetics. More than a label , it is awarded by an association of volunteers and allows consumers to know that a brand offers products with their own formulas and reasonable marketing.

The Slow Cosmétique Mention rewards the brand's overall commitment to more ecological, healthy, intelligent and reasonable cosmetics.

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