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logo marque Baghera
trotteur speedster pour enfants rouge blanc gris noir

Emmanuel Nouveau started from a childhood dream: to be a racing driver.

With this dream in mind, he made it a reality, not as a driver, but by drawing for children the cars that marked him so much and thus gave birth to Baghera in 1999.

Baghera is a family business located near Paris, France.

From design to production and the materials used, the team takes the greatest care to ensure all stages of production, to guarantee the quality of the toys and the safety of children. Robust, cars are designed to last and pass from generation to generation.

All of our cars are designed in accordance with European compliance standards and have been extensively tested by approved external laboratories.

Retro look, vintage style accessories, everything is done so that your child, eager for adventure, can in turn be transported behind the wheel of his car.

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