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The wild side of beauty

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100% natural, organic, without essential oils or synthetic preservatives !

Aware that a simple "organic" mention on a cosmetic product is far from representing a panacea for a formula, Anne-Sophie Nardy has created a charter that goes beyond all the usual requirements of natural beauty.

Its formulas are labeled organic but they are above all composed of 100% natural ingredients: they do not contain any synthetic product , not even the preservatives usually authorized in organic cosmetics. Why ? Because they are potentially irritating to the skin. To replace them and guarantee the absolute safety of the formulas, On The Wild Side uses the latest generations of natural preservatives .

It took many trials, a lot of determination and the unfailing convictions of Anne-Sophie Nardy to arrive at the ideal formula. In addition, the products do not contain any essential oils because even if some skin types tolerate them well, they can cause skin reactions that Anne-Sophie Nardy wanted to avoid at all costs.

For months, Anne-Sophie Nardy wanted to collect the testimony of women around her to understand what they lacked in the cosmetics field.

Guided by her own desire to offer an alternative that respects the living, she interviewed all those who inspire her on a daily basis: lifelong friends, passing girlfriends, sisters we saw growing up or who we hoped to resemble. , the mothers who encouraged us to become independent. So many different profiles linked by a single common trait: the need for authenticity. Tired of the plethora of offers from the beauty industry, they are no longer sensitive to the outbidding of promised results.

They dream today of simplicity , of stripped speech, but above all of respect for the environment . They all want to consume with awareness, without guilt and without taking the risk of damaging the nature to which they are all attached.

It is to these women of all ages  that Anne-Sophie dedicates  each formula of her brand  On The Wild Side.. .

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