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logo association Goodweave

LIV is a Danish-German interior design label, everything that brings your home to life, founded by Copenhagen-born designer Tina Mirza and her husband Asad, a former cricketer from Karachi

For the sake of our environment, LIV has decided to use mainly sustainable materials:

Fast growing natural materials, Recycled materials or organic cotton

LIV works closely with GoodWeave, an organization that tries to end illegal child labor in the textile industry and monitors all suppliers and production units. They monitor working conditions, as well as working hours, and make sure that no child labor is involved in the process. They are also opening schools to make sure the weaver's children get an education and are currently working on a sanitation project. GoodWeave focuses on improving the working conditions of weavers and their families, but also on the conservation of cultural heritage and traditional knowledge of craftsmanship.

Cushions, Throws & Quilts