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logo marque It's About Romi

Since 1993, IT'S ABOUT ROMI has been creating lighting with dedication, heart and above all pleasure.


As urban spirits, they love the city and its vibrations and draw their inspiration from the effervescence of the big cities and bring back from their travels to the four corners of the world the latest trends in terms of decoration, materials and styles.

Each luminaire bears the DNA of the city whose name it bears. Therefore, each light is a reflection of a city.

The designs are simple and the materials pure. they only use recycled, recyclable or sustainable materials.


In 2016, they launched the first sustainable lighting brand by supporting a good cause with theFoundation WakaWaka.


This foundation raises funds to provide solar products to families in need, thus improving their condition and their safety in difficult regions.


When you buy light, you give light.

And on top of that: a tree is planted for each lamp sold!

ROMI  "Realistic Open Minded Individuals"

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