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logo marque EQ Biarritz

We Live, we Love, we Care

Because we should no longer have to choose between well-being and performance, protection and pleasure, scientific innovations and holistic perspectives,

Because we believe that everyone deserves the best,

Because we are all concerned by the heritage that we will leave to future generations.

EQ helps you create harmony between your well-being and respect for the environment.

2011 marks the beginning of a new entrepreneurial adventure for Franck Bywalski, passionate globetrotter and surfer, in search of innovative solutions for riders who, like him, seek a balance between their lifestyle and respect for their playground.  

He created EQ from Biarritz and thus bet on offering a brand with a unique positioning on a still niche market: eco-designed well-being products inspired by surfing. 


This is what has driven EQ since the creation of the brand, and which continues to challenge them day after day. Because beyond the fact that everyone deserves the best, the little hummingbird that is active in them wants to do its part of the job, and they can be proud to work at their level towards a future that is more respectful of people, animals and of nature.

This passion has enabled them since 2011, with the same Research and Development team in place, to develop healthy, effective products that limit their impact on the marine ecosystem and on nature. They convey many of the values that are dear to us, as well as a unique lifestyle inspired by surfing.

Being part of the EQ community means supporting associations and actors involved in preserving health and the environment and educating future generations.  

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