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Charl (e) y

Charly born in Biarritz in 1989, graduated from Beaux-Arts in Biarritz and from the Monaco School of Scenography at the Bosio pavilion. Photographer since his beginnings, the artist has always photographed nudes, attracted as much by the female nude as by the male nude. In his work it is always a question of bodies of curves and materials. For the artist a question arises, how to reveal their shapes, their muscles, give them another dimension?

“I always wanted to distance myself from simple photography. Even if the end result remains a photograph. The final work is the result of an accumulation of several processes mixing drawings, sculptural research, projection, light work and of course photography. I am neither a designer, nor photographer, nor sculptor, but perhaps an unstable mix of the three at the same time.

Unstable, because I also like to leave a lot of room for experimentation in my work, we think we know what a body is but all are different, none of them reacts in the same way to light and each one gives a result of its own every time.

In his works Charly creates nude portraits mixing drawings, photographs and sculptures. His portraits highlight the female and male body. Its objective is to reveal all the facets that bodies have to reveal to us thanks to its light effects.

Throughout his work, Charly has made his works travel around the world, Monaco, Belgium, China, United Kingdom, United States.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Charley N'doumbe

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