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boite balinaise en perle et coquillage

BAZAR BIZAR invites you on a distant journey to the dancing islands, ancient traditions and paradisiacal beaches of Indonesia. The Belgian interior brand, born out of a lifelong passion for travel, creates highly original design pieces made from environmentally friendly materials such as water hyacinth, rattan and bamboo. The extensive collection includes woven rugs, lamps, cushions, ceramics, chairs and many other interior and fashion items in soft colors such as beige, brown, white and also black. Carefully selected designer pieces that constantly embody originality, quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Bazar Bizar brings this beautiful touch of Balinese culture to the four corners of the earth.

The people behind Bazar Bizar are Pascale Pelsmaekers and Eddy Roothaert. While owner Pascale takes care of the creative side of things and is also the public "face" of the label, her husband Eddy takes care of the logistics.

All the items are sustainably made and, moreover, it is a way to support the local Balinese economy. Since Pascale and Eddy take care of the entire production process themselves, they also maintain control: from production to delivery. They pay special attention to good working conditions, high quality workmanship and guarantee fair wages to their workers.

This means that everything "Bazar Bizar" offers is both environmentally friendly and fair, and in the future ... they intend to keep it that way.

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